Did you know that Lawyers only handle about 20% of the Probate Process?
Have You Inherited a House in Probate?
Unfortunately, lawyers are only equipped to handle the legal process of probate. Let me be clear. You will absolutely want an attorney that specializes in probate - it's a must!

However, your attorney will not be able to assist you with the financial, emotional, and physical impacts & burdens of clearing out an estate. If there's a house involved, you will need an appraisal. Will the property require repairs or clean out in order to qualify for financing or would a cash offer from an investor make more sense? Will you be able to keep the home and rent or will you need assistance moving tenants / heirs out of the home? I could go on and on.

What about if there is no property? Is there a need for social services? Is there a need for financial planning? What about storage or moving expenses?
You might feel overwhelmed or burdened by everything involved in the process. This is where we can help. 
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– Cary C.
Eren was a super realtor to work with. We felt like he had a real marketing plan to help us sell the home. Others wanted to list the house, but didn't have a plan beyond that. And, he went above and beyond by introducing us to local contractors that helped make repairs and updates, which resulted in a higher value for the home. Great job Eren! We would certainly recommend him to others in the Chehalis area.
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